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Garden Maintenance Services in Coimbatore

Apartment Garden Maintenance Services

Garden Cleaning & Maintenance

Lush green lawns and blooming flowers, Chirping and flying colorful birds; nothing is more soothing and relaxing after a hard day’s work than the mini park in our Office area / living area – be it a residential complex like apartments or our own “Home Sweet Home”

The green carpet grass lawn and the growing shrubs, herbs and flower plants constantly need regular attention and care. A tidy, organized and blooming garden with a lot of greenery is an effective stress buster, transforms your mood instantly and a great tool for unwinding after a ruthless, tiring day.

We at KV Housekeeping Services will care and tidy up your little green heaven for which we undertake the following basic services

  • General garden tidying
  • Getting the lawn mowed on a regular basis and disposal of grass
  • Garden & Leaf Clearance.
  • Disposal of debris in an environmental-friendly manner
  • Pruning shrubs, bushes & trees
  • Hedge trimming
  • Maintenance of lawns, flowerbeds, shrubbery, trees and greenery
  • Maintenance of all indoor and outdoor plants, potted or otherwise
  • Weeding of grass and weeds from cracks and joints
  • Clearing storm and monsoon damage
  • Fertilizing and liming to keep plants healthy

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